Embracing the Whore within us!

The whore is an important symbol of a human consciousness archetype. It represents the lover energy; the relentless passion and creative force among human beings whether you are a man or a woman. It is not a sexist and masochist symbol for dehumanizing women and their sexuality. The whore has been consciously dehumanized and stereotyped.Continue reading “Embracing the Whore within us!”

Emotions intuitive and consciousness worker

I was born to a typical South Asian family and as one could have imagined was super enmeshed. I was deeply wounded from narcissistic abuse especially by my father, grand mother and uncles living together in the same household. I soon lost my sense of boundaries and self. I was highly emotionally neglected and alwaysContinue reading “Emotions intuitive and consciousness worker”

The Power of Shadow Work

ARE YOU AFRAID OF SAYING ‘NO’? THIS IS FOR YOU!!! Saying ‘No’ to somebody is a daunting task for some people. Especially, if that person is a senior colleague at workplace, an elderly in the family, or a dear friend. Those who really struggle with saying ‘no’, like I do, can easily feel the cringeContinue reading “The Power of Shadow Work”

‘Only a wounded physician can hope to heal’

Only a wounded physician can hope to heal. — Carl Jung. The seed was sown in Utah April 2019, and now perhaps, I can see that seed growing into a sprout. When it comes to feeling and reflecting on pain, it cracks like a seed, and suddenly it is out of seed jacket. But onceContinue reading “‘Only a wounded physician can hope to heal’”

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